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115-Florida Man?


Florida Man is a Recent development in the public consciousness. Some of the strangest news headlines seem to come out of this semi-tropical state. So is the heat, the direct sunlight, or something more nefarious causing the phenomenon known as Florida Man.


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Passed down from our ancestors vestigial traits are are inside our DNA. Some are fully useless, some are partially useless and some we thought of as junk organs have come back around to be useful again.

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106-Mandela Effect?


Is the Mandela effect a collective misremembering or something more sinister? Some say that it’s confabulation and others are proponents of altered timeline or multiple universe theories. Whatever it happens to be we agree it is at the very least a strange coincidence. Thanks to Joel from www.hobotrashcan.com for joining us

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Joel Murphy

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Have you ever wanted to be cloven? Is the idea of having horns and wielding an ax sound promising? Are you a bit of a creeping peeping tom? You might be interested in becoming a goatman. Find an old secluded bridge nearby and start stalking the local pets and wildlife.



Beware of the blob, it creeps
And leaps and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door
And all around the wall
A splotch, a blotch
Be careful of the blob

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Cheese is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Whether it be mass produced or artisan, sharp or mild, fresh or cave ripened, there is a cheese for you.  So join us for this very gooey, possibly moldy, and most likely pungent cheese filled episode.


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092-Marfa Lights


Joe took a trip to Texas to find the elusive Marfa Lights. He spent time at the Marfa lights festival before driving off the highway to search out this incredible phenomenon.

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085-The Black Squirrels of DC? -a narrative


Something that I don’t think about much in my daily life are rodents. I do, however, think about the odd and the strange things that I observe. If you have spent time in the parks or outdoor areas of Washington DC you’ll notice that there is one particular part of the fauna that sticks out; the black squirrels of DC. On a trip to Niagara Falls with my wife, we saw many black squirrels in the parks above the falls. This led me to wonder if there was a connection between the two.

I know there are other parts of the country that are home to black squirrels. Marysville, Kansas, for instance, is known as Black Squirrel City and has enacted a twenty five dollar fine for harming one. Their unusual dark rodents were said to be brought there by a traveling carnival in cages and escaped from the exibit. With the abundance of our little nut-stashers on the east coast being grey it seems a mystery where these raven colored rodents came from. Oddly enough the darker are the same species as the lighter eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). What makes them darker is a melanistic color phase, it’s a recessive gene. It is theorized however that these black squirrels were the more abundant variety at the beginning of our country. The tree canopy was so thick at the time that the shading gave their darker look an advantage of camouflage from hawks and other predators. The trees started being cleared for housing and at the same time hunters would pick them out of the treetops for dinner. The gray phase variety suddenly had the advantage against the the pale blue sky. Their main predator had changed.

During the mid to late 1800’s reintroducing a squirrel population into city parks became a popular undertaking for city officials. Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Washington DC were all constructing public parks and it felt natural to fill them with the native wildlife. Squirrel hunting within city limits started being banned in cities, including DC in 1906.

That brings us to how a small pocket of black squirrels came to nest in our capital city. In 1902 The National Zoo received a package of 18 black phase eastern gray squirrels from the Department of Crown Lands of Ontario and in exchange they received 18 gray. A few years later in 1906 they made the same exchange again. The entire population of black squirrels that are now blanking the city and its suburbs are from these original 36.

In my research about this subject I fell down a squirrel hole on the internet finding not only black squirrel colonies but also white morph and albino colonies. Olny, Illinois has a white squirrel colony and every year in October they have a count to see how they are fairing. 88 this past year up from 75 the previous. I also found out about an ever expanding group of eastern grays that have taken over a swath of Italy after being brought there by a U.S. ambassador. The quartet escaped and have been putting a hurting on the European red squirrel habitat ever since.

If you have ever visited the nations capital there are many sites to behold. The Smithsonian museums, the International Spy museum, the Washington Monument are all amazing places to visit, however my favorite are the outside places. The National Mall, National Zoo and National Arboretum are all places where you can catch a glimpse of the famed black squirrel of DC.


083-Noteworthy Animals III : That’s Fowl?


We realized that we were lacking birds in our previous noteworthy animals episodes. We decided to make is up the entire avian branch with an episode dedicated to them.

With Special Guest Jason Cavegn

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078-Coral Castle?


The power of love can be an extraordinary influence in someone life. Even after that love has passed or moved on, the ripples of a relationship can be felt for a lifetime. This is a testament to a love lost and a sanctuary. It is a living rock garden and was home for a man who’s intellect and perseverance was so great that he left a monument for the ages. Come with us and visit Ed Leedskalnin’s megalithic achievement known as Coral Castle.