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Freestate Custom Guitars

Our friend and Contributor Jon Malfi has started making custom guitars. I’ve seen a few of these models and they are absolutely amazing but don’t take our work for it. Check out the website here.

Freestate Custom Guitars

Freestate Custom Guitars

038-Left Inside?


Surgery can be scary but typically is very safe. However sometimes all the safeguards are not abided by. Sometimes a doctor or nurse can lose focus or in some cases lose their morales. That is when things are left inside! Hopefully you are not party to a “never event”.

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End of the Year Bloopers 2013


What a great 2013! This is the last post of our first year and we appreciate all of you for listening and subscribing to us. We have a huge year coming up for 2014. Don’t forget to send us your ideas for shows or any feedback.


020-Yule Tidings?


It’s winter time and the it looks like it might snow outside. Let’s heat up a warm cup of apple cider or egg nog and talk about the traditions we celebrate this cold and blustery time of year. Happy holidays!

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A collection of bloopers and out-takes from our previous episodes.

Promo000.2-Wasn’t expecting that


Another promo for The Curioso podcast.