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078-Coral Castle?


The power of love can be an extraordinary influence in someone life. Even after that love has passed or moved on, the ripples of a relationship can be felt for a lifetime. This is a testament to a love lost and a sanctuary. It is a living rock garden and was home for a man who’s intellect and perseverance was so great that he left a monument for the ages. Come with us and visit Ed Leedskalnin’s megalithic achievement known as Coral Castle.

024- Johnny Eck?


Ladies and Gentleman come meet the “Half Man”! He walks everywhere on his hands cause he’s got no choice. He’s only 18 inches tall but he’s a bigger man than us all. Some have called him a broken doll, some a freak. But he’s more than that. Come learn about Johnny Eck the “King of Freaks”!

Companion Video: Edited by Darin Malfi

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