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The Snallygaster is a Maryland based cryptid whose description is so bizarre that is almost sounds like some kind of Lovecraftian horror. Half eagle, half reptile with razor sharp teeth so hard and dark they look like steel. It has wings to small for its body but yet it flies. It has one large eye in the middle of its forehead like some kind of reptile cyclops. it also has tentacles coming out of its mouth like it has a large octopus as a tongue. Beware the Snallygaster, especially if you are a drinker. We have heard it has a fondness for moonshine.

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Have you ever wanted to be cloven? Is the idea of having horns and wielding an ax sound promising? Are you a bit of a creeping peeping tom? You might be interested in becoming a goatman. Find an old secluded bridge nearby and start stalking the local pets and wildlife.

074-Sea Serpents?


Sea serpents have been spotted all over the world on coasts and lakes for centuries. They can be found on medieval maps as warnings and ancient cave walls. They have been weaved through mythology throughout the ages and not they are here on The Curioso.

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