GWAR is one of the most controversial rock groups in american history. With their elaborate back story and costumes they certainly make a striking and unique presentation.

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  1. Ryan Henson says:

    Mr Scarbourough has once again delighted his audience with his brand of witty humor and swift charm .Chris engages his audience with a personable demenor you are left with a feeling of just hanging out with the guys in a garage bullshitting about an aray of topics but whatever the topic of discussion Mr Scarbourough will never fail to impress you with his vast stock of knowlege but dosent come off as a barroom know-it-all.the podcast has a little of everything that a wide demographic of listeners are bound to find humorous.bewildering and defiantly entertaing. The show is what Iwould unhesitantly call Solid and hopefully will broadcast for some time to come .Maggots!MaGgots Maggots are falling like RAIN!-r.hensoN