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Wigs can be worn for all kinds of various reasons. They can change your appearance when you are trying to be someone else, or a toupe’e for instance can make you feel more like yourself. The same goes for the merkin. It’s put to use when hair is needed down there. This episode is all about the pubic wig.

This was a listener request. Be careful what you wish for.

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115-Florida Man?


Florida Man is a Recent development in the public consciousness. Some of the strangest news headlines seem to come out of this semi-tropical state. So is the heat, the direct sunlight, or something more nefarious causing the phenomenon known as Florida Man.


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Yoga is an practice that is physical, mental and spiritual. Thought to be five thousand years or possibly older there are many branches or types of yoga. We are joined by our friend Jenny Hoffman to discuss all the yoga.

Special Guest: Jenny Hoffman

112-Charity gone Bad?


We all know its good to be altruistic and give a little sometimes. People give to charity for all kinds of reasons: goodwill, empathy, empowerment, tax breaks. There are some people however that take advantage of other kindness. Sometimes when you try to help tings can go awry.

106-Mandela Effect?


Is the Mandela effect a collective misremembering or something more sinister? Some say that it’s confabulation and others are proponents of altered timeline or multiple universe theories. Whatever it happens to be we agree it is at the very least a strange coincidence. Thanks to Joel from for joining us

Special Guest:

Joel Murphy

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