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Have you ever wanted to be cloven? Is the idea of having horns and wielding an ax sound promising? Are you a bit of a creeping peeping tom? You might be interested in becoming a goatman. Find an old secluded bridge nearby and start stalking the local pets and wildlife.

099-Maryland Spooky Sites?


Living in Maryland most of our lives we have encountered places here where the history is almost palpable. Native Americans were drawn to the area with the rich seafood able to be caught along the shores of the Chesapeake bay. Being one of the original thirteen colonies, we are home to some amazing, spooky and possibly haunted sites.

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092-Marfa Lights


Joe took a trip to Texas to find the elusive Marfa Lights. He spent time at the Marfa lights festival before driving off the highway to search out this incredible phenomenon.

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The Banshee is a legend of Irish folklore. Generally regarded as a female entity, some consider her a part of the fairy culture and others a ghostly appreciation. She is signified by her wailing, crying and screaming through the country side. Often she is heard or sighted near the time of death of a loved one foretelling their demise.