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Wigs can be worn for all kinds of various reasons. They can change your appearance when you are trying to be someone else, or a toupe’e for instance can make you feel more like yourself. The same goes for the merkin. It’s put to use when hair is needed down there. This episode is all about the pubic wig.

This was a listener request. Be careful what you wish for.

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GWAR is one of the most controversial rock groups in american history. With their elaborate back story and costumes they certainly make a striking and unique presentation.

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Tiki was the first man in Polynesian culture. He is descended from a rich pantheon of Polynesian gods. However today’s Tiki movement is more about sipping exotic cocktails and listening to the waves crash on the beach. Today’s episode is our live show involving all kinds of Tiki culture. You’ll hear the soothing sounds of the ukulele and the soothing sounds of our voices.

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A Night of Tiki Culture March 20th

The Curioso Podcast celebrates their second annual live show with an homage to island and Tiki culture. This themed evening hosted by Christopher Scarborough and Joe Taylor, boasts a cavalcade of fantastic performances. Gaze upon the lovely visage of Lady Rockwell as she transports you to a luau with her burlesque stylings. Louisa Hall brings her aggressive joyfulness through the strings of her ukulele. See the hula hooping gyrations of the lovely Liz Christmas. Become transfixed by stunt entertainer and anatomical wonder Dangerous D in his first East Coast performance since appearing in AMC’s Freakshow and America’s Got Talent.

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$12 Adv/ $15 DOS Backstage / Doors at 9:00



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Vaudeville was the most popular form of American entertainment from its rise in the 1880s through 1930s. It played much the same a role in people’s lives that radio and later television would for later generations. Many early radio, television and film stars began as vaudeville performers. It was variety entertainment, consisting of a diverse series of short acts. The acts ranged from singing groups, animal acts, comedians, contortionists, magicians to short musical plays. Very rarely freaks or sideshow acts were performed.

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The Curioso on Charles live Vaudeville variety show.


The Curioso Podcast is hosting a vaudeville style variety show as our first live event! We are super excited as we have gathered some of the best talent around the state to perform titillating burlesque, sensational sideshow arts and majestic musical comedy! Let me introduce you to the performers:

Valeria Voxx is a member of BlackTassel BoolesqueTassl , the
mid-Atlantic region’s only spooky burlesque troupe. She knows that the fastest way to a man’s heart is between his second and third rib, and while she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, she might wear yours…If it matches her outfit that day. She’s the fiery red head that gets your soul all hot and bothered!

Speaking of Hot and Bothered we have musical guests Oliver Hot and Stanley Bothered! That Neo-Vaudevillian duo who dresses well and plays music even weller.

Shaggy Wilcox has been a stoic sight around Charles street for years. Now catch him performing his newly learned sideshow stunts for the first time! If there’s any chance of things going wrong its definitely the first time and you wont want to miss it!

Check out the facebook event page here!

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