087-Nicolas Cage? part I


Once in a lifetime there is someone who is so perplexing in their field that they become more. They transcend their stardom. Nicolas Cage has been in over eighty movies portraying romantics, law enforcers, con men, superheros and psychopaths. He has spawned countless memes due to his sometimes bizarre acting choices. There have been TV episodes based wholly off of whether he is a great or terrible actor. Yet you cannot deny that he is an Oscar winning thespian. We could not tackle this subject alone. It’s to big for two men. So we called in Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle from Hobo Trashcan to decide if Nicolas cage is a good actor or a great one.

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Hobo Trashcan

Hobo Trashcan

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  1. Cage in my book has always made the best Movie Trailers and the worse movies. He has tricked me so many times into seeing his movies. I did however love him in Kick-Ass, the first National Treasure and Lord of War.